Q: What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) design is the analysis of how users interact with a product, usually web sites. It can also extend to interactions with other people, signs, furniture, and other resources such as printed publications. Simply put, user experience connects usability and the users’ emotional experience.

Q: How does UX apply to libraries?

The concepts of User Experience Design encompass face to face interactions, customer service, the placement of the library’s entrance, exit, furniture, reference desk, the web site’s user interface, signage, and the overall layout of the library. UX is much more than the interaction between the user and a web interface. UX provides a framework for librarians to improve all aspects of their patron’s experience with the library.

Q: Where can I learn more about UX?

There are a number of User Experience organizations, blogs, and books available. See our list of links on the right side menu.

Q. Who coordinates these meetings?

The current co-chairs are Mark Aaron Polger and Jane Suda, who both share a keen interest in Library User Experience. They can be reached at hello@acrlnyux.group

Q. How often do you hold meetings and where are they located?

We hold meeting once per semester on Zoom (during the pandemic) and eventually, back at Mercy College in Manhattan. They are usually held on Friday mornings (9:30am-11:00am) or afternoons (3pm-4:30pm). Meetings are for ACRL/NY members. Please note that ACRL/NY membership is separate from ACRL National membership. Join ACRL/NY now!!